Ditch design overwhelm and craft a homepage that converts.

Learn the EXACT homepage layout you should use (including what you should say in your copy) and learn how to use it in the step-by-step 30-minute video workshop.

($47 value, yours free)


What's Included In The Free Blueprint?

  1. Step-by-step PDF blueprint for exactly what to include on your homepage
  2. 30-minute workshop that walks you through the blueprint + examples
  3. Plug-and-play homepage copy template – so you don't get stuck on copy
Struggling to get your homepage to convert? Overwhelmed by all the tech? Frustrated with Wordpress? Grab this free, step-by-step homepage blueprint to learn exactly how to craft a homepage that looks more professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will this teach me about design and branding?

Let me be clear, this is NOT about design or branding aesthetics. This is about crafting a friendly user experience by using layout and copywriting techniques to drive your site visitors to action and to make it an easy and pleasant experience for them.

+ What is User Experience (UX)?

UX is about creating a delightful experience for your website visitors that gets results for your business. There's a reason people visit your site and You want it to be easy for visitors to find what they're looking for. At the same time your business has goals and you want your website to work toward those as well. It's a strategic balance of your users desires with your business needs. That's why it's not really about aesthetics. It's about the feeling, the experience.


+ Do I need to be on a specific platform to use this blueprint?

You can be on ANY website platform to use this. As long as the platform you're on allows you to change the page layout. The video workshop walks you through how to build the homepage in Squarespace very easily, but if you prefer Divi, then you can still use this blueprint.

+ What makes you different from other web designers?

Other designers focus primarily on the visuals and making a site look pretty, whereas I focus on designing a user experience that leads to more conversions. I'm not using trial-and-error tactics or vague strategies, the techniques I teach you in this blueprint have been proven to increase visitor engagement by over 200%.

Grab this FREE homepage blueprint for the no-stress method that showcases you as a badass boss and gets clients lining up at your digital doorstep. You'll see more returning visitors and more engagement on your website without spending hours tweaking your "design" or "branding".